Igor Calzada PhD (Cum Laude), Fulbright SIR, MBA, BSc (Hons), & FeRSA

Principal Research Fellow (Reader) in Digital Citizenship

  • His main research interest draws on how digital transformation processes driven by AI disruption in the post-GDPR current context are altering techno-political and democratic conditions of data governance for emerging digital citizenship regimes in the European (smart) city-regions by paying particular attention to the interplay of stakeholders in the creation of data co-operatives/platform co-operatives and in the claim of digital rights. Over the last years, since 2012, his main research focused on comparing processes in city-regions and transitions in smart cities.

  • His track record of publications includes:
    • 57 journal articles;
    • 12 books;
    • 25 book chapters;
    • 28 policy reports;
    • 161 international keynotes; and
    • 33 media articles.