Giving advice to the ‘Science, Technology, & Innovation Plan 2020’ (PCTI2020/ZTBP2020) Urban Habitat project on Social Innovation of the Basque regional government (13/02/2018 & 26/06/2018, Basque Country/Spain)

On 13th March and 26th June 2018, a set of strategic stakeholders of the Basque Country were gathered in Vitoria-Gasteiz to kick-off the project Urban Habitat under the umbrella of the ‘Science, Technology, & Innovation Plan 2020’ of the Basque regional government. Dr Calzada contributed by giving a conference to kick-off the strategic advisory on social innovation among a wide range of stakeholders: public authorities in the regional government, private and locally-rooted companies, technological centres and universities, associations,… The vision of the project is addressing the New Urban Agenda of the Basque Country entitled Bultzatu 2050 (based on the SDGs).

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