Smart Municipalities Symposium: #HerriSmartik Strategic Programme for the Basque Country Municipalities (24/01/2019, Spain)

By following previous actions of this programme, on 24th January, Dr Calzada conducted the Smart Municipalities Symposium from the programme #HerriSmartik, which gathered around 251 municipalities of the Basque Country in Spain. This strategic programme was initiated in 2017 and established the main foundations for activating a bottom-up, networked-driven, and multilevel governance framework among the 251 municipalities (with larger cities, and medium and small villages and towns around the Basque geography). This session took place in Tabakalera, the Centre of Contemporary International Culture.


Some previous milestones of this strategic intervention:


The update of this programme will be published as follows:

Calzada, I. (2019), Smart Municipalities in the Basque Autonomous Community: Activating a Bottom-Up Network for a Smart City-Regional Strategy Multi-Level Governance Framework for the EU-H2020 (Herri Smartik: EUDEL). Oxford: University of Oxford. ISBN: 978-84-946385-6-5. DOI: [Forthcoming].

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