Invited Guest Speaker on ‘Data Devolution in Europe’ in the session ‘Smart Cities & Data’ at MSc in Data, Analytics & Cloud at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona (23/11/2017, Catalonia/Spain)

Dr Calzada elaborated on ‘Data Commons and Devolution in Europe: GDPR’ in the Speakers session in ESADE Business School by presenting two journal articles:


Here is the video summarizing several findings of an ongoing research study:

 In this interview Dr Esteve Almirall asked regarding several questions related to the technopolitics of data, the geotechnological disruptive processes in Europe, the Algorithmic Nations, and among other topics.

Big Data is inherent to Cities. However, the use of Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Driven apps is still scarce. In this session we will examine Cities & Data from both the angle of the Public Policy and the one of the implementation together with some salient cases of how to build a nascent Data Infrastructure for Catalonia.
19:00 Welcome (Esteve Almirall)
19:00 Data Devolution in Europe – Igor Calzada
19:30 Dealing with Data in Cities – Carles Carrasco
Lighting talks
20:00 Sentilo – An Open Source IoT framework developed in Catalonia – Gregori Mora
20:15 Big Data projects in SmartCat – Rosa Paradell
20:30 Q&A panel with the students of the Master on Sciences in Business Analytics
21:00   Networking drinks
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