Keynote speaker at the Summer School on ‘Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Mobility and Open Platforms for an Efficient and Participative City’ in Rennes (02-03/07/2018, Britanny/France)

Dr Calzada will be the keynote speaker on the Summer School EIT Digital entitled ‘Predictive analytics, big data, mobility and open platforms for an efficient and participative city‘ that will take place in Rennes in Britanny (France).

From the Smart Cities to the Experimental Cities? Techno-political Predictive Data Analytics for the Pervasive Urban Algorithmic Realm

In the keynote of the Summer School in Rennes (Brittany) that will take place on the 2nd July 2018 at 11:00am, Dr Calzada will elaborate on how the hegemonic approach to the “smart city” are evolving into a new intervention category, called the ‘experimental city’. After thoroughly presenting some international cases of the so-called ‘smart cities’, he will discuss about the ongoing evolution towards the ‘experimental cities’ by pointing out some innovations, regarding mainly how (smart) citizens are being increasingly considered more as decision makers than data providers. Nonetheless, amidst the present urban algorithmic realm and after the GDPR recent implementation in Europe, some underlying social issues concerning the hidden side and ethical implications of the techno-politics of data will be consciously presented. Ultimately, some policy recommendations will be provided to be seriously considered by predictive data analysts and data science practitioners.

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