Publishing the chapter entitled ‘About Independence (With Independence)’ in a crowdfunded compilation-book entitled ‘The Right to Decide, Drivers and Sovereignty’

Dr Calzada has published a chapter entitled ‘About Independence (With Independence’ on the timely subject on devolution and the quest for independence by providing an heterodox approach to the topic by blending political regionalism and metropolitanisation in his analysis.

The compilation has been published through crowdfunding by Sorzain independent publishing located in the Basque Country. The book includes a wide range of Basque scholars from diverse disciplinary origin and point of view.

To cite the chapter:

Calzada, I. (2017), Independentziaz (independentziarekin)Chapter in the Book Uranga, M. (Ed.) Erabakitzeko eskubidea, botere eragilea, burujabetasuna. Bilbao: Sorzain argitaletxea. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.24508.54404.

This compilation is available in Basque in Open Access through Research Gate here.

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