Dr Calzada co-authoring the CAS – Centre for Advanced Studies brochure from the JRC at the EC

Dr Igor Calzada as member of the CAS4 project, ‘DigiTranScope, Digital Transformation and the Governance of Human Society‘ is cited in the brochure recently launched by the EC DG JRC.

To cite this brochure:

Craglia, M., Gomez, E., Glovicko, J., Manzan, S., Scholten, H., Barbaglia, L., Calzada, I., Charisi, V., Consoli, S., Hradec, J., Micheli, M., Miron, M., Tiozzo Pezzoli, L., Tolan, S., & Tosetti, E. (2020), Centre for Advanced Studies – CAS, Amran, G. & Sutherland, S. (Eds.), Publications Office of the European Union: Luxembourg. JRC119959. DOI: 10.2760/97389. ISBN: 978-92-76-17589-6.

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