Invited speaker in the 1st Chile Conference UK of Public Policy at Blavatnik School of Governance, University of Oxford (25/05/2019, UK)

Dr Igor Calzada participates as an invited speaker at the 1st Conference of Public Policy organised by students of the LSE, Oxford, and Cambridge on 24 and 25th May 2019. His conference that will take place on 25th May 2019 at Blavatnik School of Governance at the University of Oxford is entitled: ‘Why does Smart Devolution matter in the age of Dataism‘ as follows:

  • Calzada, I. (2019), Invited speaker on ‘Why does Smart Devolution matter in the age of Dataism’ at the 1st Conference of Public Policy UK-Chile, LSE and the University of Oxford- Blavatnik School of Governance, 24-25 May, London-Oxford (UK).

He will revolve around the following peer-reviewed journal articles on topics related to data, devolution, and smart cities:


  1. Calzada, I. & Almirall, E. (2019), Barcelona’s Grassroots-led Urban Experimentation:  Deciphering the ‘Data Commons’ Policy Scheme. Zenodo. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.2604618. Conference Data for Policy 2019, London (UK), 11-12 June.
  2. Calzada, I. (2018), Deciphering Smart City Citizenship: The Techno-Politics of Data and Urban Co-operative Platforms. RIEV, Revista Internacional de Estudios Vascos/International Journal on Basque Studies 63(1-2):00-00. DOI: [In Print]
  3. Calzada, I. (2018), (Smart) Citizens from Data Providers to Decision-Makers? The Case Study of Barcelona. Sustainability 10(9): 3252. DOI: 10.3390/su10093252. Special Issue: Big Data Research for Social Sciences and Social Impact.
  4. Calzada, I. (2017), Problematizing and Politicizing Smart City-Regions: Is Devolution Smart?, Territorio 83: 37-47. In the Special Issue ‘From Smart City to Smart Region. Meanings, Governance, Policies and Projects’(ISSN: 1825-8689). DOI: 10.3280/TR2017-083005.
  5. Calzada, I. (2017), The Techno-Politics of Data and Smart Devolution in City-Regions: Comparing Glasgow, Bristol, Barcelona, and Bilbao. Systems Journal 5(1): 1-18. Special Issue ‘Smart Cities and Regions as Systems of Innovation’ (ISSN 2079-8954). DOI: 10.3390/systems5010018
  6. Calzada, I. (2017), Metropolitan and City-Regional Politics in the Urban Age: Why Does ‘(Smart) Devolution’ Matter? Palgrave Communications 3(17094): 1-17. In the Special Issue ‘Politics of the Urban Age (ISSN: 2055-1045). DOI: 10.1057/palcomms.2017.94
  7. Calzada, I. & Cowie, P. (2017), Beyond Data-Driven Smart City-Regions? Rethinking Stakeholder-Helixes StrategiesRegions 308(4): 25-28. (ISSN: 1367-3882). DOI: 10.1080/13673882.2017.11958675.
  8. Calzada, I. (2016), (Un)Plugging Smart Cities with Urban Transformations: Towards Multistakeholder City-Regional Complex Urbanity? URBS, Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales Journal 6(2): 25-45. (ISSN: 2014-2714). Retrieved from:
  9. Calzada, I. & Cobo, C. (2015), Unplugging: Deconstructing the Smart City. Journal of Urban Technology 22(1): 23-43. DOI: 10.1080/10630732.2014.971535.


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