Article entitled ‘Setting Up the Basque Algorithmic Nation: Technological Sovereignty Amidst the Post-COVID-19 Society’ being published in the portal TM eLab

Dr Calzada has contributed to a city-regional reflection in the Basque Country through the first issue launched by TM eLab (Telesforo Monzon eLab) to address the technological sovereignty issue in the EU realm given the timely urgent scenario emerged with the post-COVID-19 society.


This article aims to examine the current and timely situation that has recently emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis by proposing a strategic wake up call in the Basque Country regarding the need to reimagine the international role of stateless nations through a not less urgent techno-political response and standpoint. Despite the fact that European city-regions presents rather distinct and unique compositions, this policy strategic analysis—centred comparatively in the Basque Country—sheds light on a potential roadmap to enhance the way digital transformations, AI, and data ecosystems/governance can provide an opportunity amidst this pandemic crisis for empowering citizens and institutions and opening up a transnational collaboration based on solidarity with other cities, regions, and nations in Europe and worldwide. Given the thorny aftermaths for many European city-regions, this article encourages particularly stakeholders in the Basque Country to take the lead and coordinate a strategic response in close collaboration with other European territorial realities’ stakeholders by suggesting the creation of the Basque algorithmic nation for renewing the national community discourse and the state building old narrative employed so far and thus putting at front the strength of the co-operative active response among city-regional businesses, institutions, civic society, academia, and entrepreneurs/activists to ensure (i) the wellbeing and social justice (life), (ii) a sustainable economic model and platform-driven socio-economic alternatives (economy), (iii) a more transparent AI for social good (techno-politics), and ultimately, (iv) further democratic and less dystopic panopticon (democracy). Hence, this article situates itself in the current data policy debate in the EU reinforcing the role city-regions could play in leading data ecosystems under the post-GDPR policy umbrella in the EU particularly by providing cases, projects, and initiatives about technological sovereignty as a result of the collaboration among stakeholders at the local and city-regional level. This policy article is structured in three main sections: (i) Diagnosis, (ii) Intervention, and (iii) Roadmap.

To cite this article: Calzada, Igor (2020), Euskal Nazio Algoritmikoa Sortuz: Subirautza Teknologikoa Post-COVID-19 Gizartean/Setting up the Basque Algorithmic Nation: Technological Sovereignty Amidst the Post-COVID-19 Society. Bergara: TMLab. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28853.01766/1 Available at/Retrieved from (accessed on 17th April 2020).

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