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‘Nafarroa, Euskal Herria, Independencia desde ahora. Dirección y Estrategia. La articulación del derecho a decidir (Part V)’ paper given at the Public University of Navarra (Basque Country – Spain)

This presentation was delivered on 30th September at the Public University of Navarra in Spain. The conference was held by Alkartasuna Fundation linked with Eusko Alkartasuna political party in the Basque Country (into the EHBildu coalition). The aim of the presentation was to conduct an international and regional context diagnosis by fixing a joint direction and a realistic strategy for Navarra and the Basque Autonomy taking into account the new opportunity that arises to decide a new political status for the city-region. A special consideration was given to the right to decide as a democratic tool and mean in order to gain peacefully independence in 5 year timescale.

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Postindependence in Scotland, Catalonia and the Basque Country: City-Regional Small Nations Beyond Nation-States’ (Part III)

The UK and Spain are not depicted as having the same nation-state DNA with regard to their respective histories and political-cultural traditions. Hence, can we find any remarkable differences between EU nation-states such as the UK and Spain? Indeed, I think there are plenty of them. The article has been published so far in The Future of the UK & Scotland and Open Democracy publications.


Post-Independence: Comparing city-regional devolution strategic scenarios in Scotland, Catalonia and the Basque Country, paper that will be given at the Policy & Politics Conference 2014 at the University of Bristol (England), 17th September.

“PostIndependence: Comparing city-regional devolution strategic scenarios in Scotland, Catalonia and the BasqueCountry” paper has been accepted and will be presented at Policy & Politics 2014 Conference at the University of Bristol in September 17th (just the day before the Scottish #indyref).


PostIndependentzia > #HanIzanikHonaGara NEW book published on 23rd & 26th June 2014 in St. Sebastian, Basque Country (Spain)

On 23rd and 26th June, Dr Igor Calzada will present his new book entitled PostIndependentzia > #HanIzanikHonaGara (PostIndependence > #BeingThereWeAreHere) in ELKAR bookshop in St. Sebastian published by TransLoKal Academic Entrepreneurship for Policy Making. The book gathers some of the most relevant conclusions of his three-year research on Regional and Social Innovation Studies at the University of Oxford.


Benchmarking Future City-Regions > renewing the research project website > www.cityregions.org

The research project’s website that I have been carrying out since 2012 as a PostDoctoral Research Fellow in the Future of Cities field, with the support of Ikerbasque, Basque Foundation for Science (in collaboration with academic/scientific agents and institutions) and the University of Oxford (UK), Future of Cities Programme, COMPAS and InSIS, has been renowned after different previous versions:


#Unplugging > Beyond Hyper-Connected Societies (Workshop 20th June in Oxford-UK) & Deconstructing the Smart City (Accepted Article in the Journal of Urban Technology)

In parallel with the #Unplugging > Beyond the Hyper-Connected Societies that took place on the 20th June 2014 supported by TORCH The Oxford Research Center for Humanities at the University of Oxford, an article entitled “#Unplugging: Deconstructing the Smart City” has been accepted and will be shortly published in the Journal of Urban Technology.

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