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16Aug2016 Christ Church Universit of Oxford

Lectureship ‘Future of Cities: Best Sustainable Practices Summer Course. Smart City, Definitions & Case-Studies’ at the Future of Cities, University of Oxford (England-UK). 16-24th August 2016

The Future of Cities: Best Sustainable Practice Summer Course is designed to provide a selected group of talented and advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students from leading Chinese universities who aspire to pursue high-level research or management careers with the exposure to some of the key areas involved in making urban development sustainable, flexible, dynamic, and resilient in response to evolving challenges and circumstances. These areas include governance and policy; design and planning; technology and innovation; economics, finance and commerce; and socio-legal and cultural development. Dr Igor Calzada, MBA, will be one of the lectures of this Summer Course that will take place in Oxford in August 2016 delivering the module ‘Smart City: Definitions & Case-Studies’.


Paper at 15th Border Regions in Transition (BRIT) Conference ‘Cities, States and Borders’: Comparing Cross-Bordering City-Regional Strategies Beyond Nation-States in Oresund and the Basque Country. Hamburg (Germany) <> Sonderborg (Denmark) 17-20th May 2016

Dr Igor Calzada will deliver a paper entitled ‘Comparing Cross-Bordering City-Regional Strategies Beyond Nation-States in Oresund and the Basque Country’ in the 15th Border Regions in Transition (BRIT) Conference ‘Cities, States and Borders: From the Local to the Global’ in Hamburg (Germany) and Sonderborg (Denmark) between 17-20th May 2016.


‘Comparing Smart City-Regional Governance Strategies in Bristol, Glasgow, Barcelona & Bilbao’ at the Oxford City Debates, University of Oxford, Future of Cities (UK) (Feb 18-19)

‘Smart city’ has already become a ‘fetish’ term to simplify complex urban debates in an uneven
techno-deterministically-driven hyper-connected society. This paper compares strategically and ethnographically four specific city-region cases located in two European nation-states: Bristol and Glasgow in the UK, and Bilbao and Barcelona in Spain.


‘Global Sustainable City-Regions’ (Policy Report) as the direct outcome of the MSc Master Lectureship in Global Sustainable Cities at the Institute for Future Cities, University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

This policy report, entitled ‘Global Sustainable City-Regions’ is the direct outcome of the new MSc Master Programme in Global Sustainable Cities jointly carried about the lecturer, Dr Igor Calzada, MBA and the seven participants/students working comparatively on seven global city-regional case-studies, as follows: Mumbai, Shenzhen, Reykjavik, Portland, Budapest, Rotterdam and Glasgow.


Joining as Senior Research Fellow the Urban Transformations research team at the University of Oxford

As a part of the Urban Transformations research project team funded by the ESRC (Economic & Social Research Council in the UK) based at COMPAS at the University of Oxford, Dr Igor Calzada, MBA will be in charge of the European branch by networking and researching activities: From smart data to infrastructure, participatory design to migration, the Urban Transformations projects share a multidisciplinary focus and a forward-looking vision of how our urban future can be shaped to achieve better outcomes for communities, businesses and local authorities. Together, they establish a foundation of original research and best practice in the UK, Europe and internationally.

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Lectureship at the MSc Master in Global Sustainable Cities by the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (Scotland) [2015-2016]

Since January 2015, Dr Igor Calzada is Lecturer at the Master MSc in Global Sustainable Cities at the Institute for Future Cities at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. This new Master will start on September 2015 with two modules that will be in charge of him: Global Cities: Society & Sustainability and Public Policy, Governance and Strategic Change in Cities.


Co-Direction of the ‘Political Innovation Summer School 2015: Constitutional Change, Self-government, The Right to Decide and Independence’ 9-10 July 2015, St. Sebastian (Basque Country – Spain)

In July 9-10, the Political Innovation Summer School took place in St. Sebastian – Donostia (Basque Country – Spain). The summer school aims to gather politicians, social movements, academics, entrepreneurs/activists, managers, journalist, officers and so on. The focus will be the territorial debate regarding the re-scaling of Spain and France in reference to the quest for more devolution by the implementation of the right to decide in the Basque Country.


TEDx Montevideo (Uruguay) 2015 Guest Speaker: Bitakora & Fieldwork 12-21 June.

Kindly invited by TEDx Montevideo, Dr Igor Calzada was a guest speaker in the 2015 edition on 15 June. Here is the presentation. The video will be forthcoming soon. Here too the brief visual ethnography and bitakora from the fieldwork carried out by 15th June while TEDxMontevideo edition and after this, in Montevideo.

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