The article entitled ‘Book Review: Smart City Citizenship’ published in the Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs in Open Access. To cite this article: Calzada, I. (2021), Book Review: Smart City Citizenship, Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs 5(1), 145-150. DOI:10.25034/ijcua.2021-v5n1-7. Abstract: Against the backdrop of the current hyperconnected and...

Dr Calzada elaborated on 'Data Commons and Devolution in Europe: GDPR' in the Speakers session in ESADE Business School by presenting two journal articles:
Here is the video summarizing several findings of an ongoing research study:
 In this interview Dr Esteve Almirall asked regarding several questions related to the technopolitics of data, the geotechnological disruptive processes in Europe, the Algorithmic Nations, and among other topics.