Giving advice ‘HerriSmartik’ Smart Municipalities intervention project with four mayors of the Basque Autonomy in Brussels (11/10/2017, Belgium)

Paralleling the European Week of Regions and Cities 2017, Dr Calzada in collaboration with LKS Consultancy, conducted a workshop on 11th October with four mayors from the Basque Country. Including Ermua, Etxebarri, Elgoibar and Larrabetzu mayors, worked in the Basque delegation in Brussels in the new strategy called ‘Herri Smartik’ as the ‘Basque Smart City-Regional Strategy in the H2020 European Context’.

As a result of the ongoing strategic advisory work that is being undertaking in collaboration with EUDEL and the Basque Country majors, a policy report that present the Smart Municipalities’ strategy 2017-2020 will be publicly presented in Bilbao on 14th November.

To cite this report:
Calzada, I. (2016), Basque Smart City-Regional Strategy in the H2020 European Context / La Estrategia Vasca de Territorio Inteligente en el Contexto Europeo Horizonte 2020: De la Agenda Digital Municipal a la Gobernanza de la Ciudad-Región Vasca Inteligente – HERRISMARTIK commissioned by EUDEL (Basque Municipalities’ Association), LKS Consultancy and the Basque Regional Government, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Information Society Department. Zumaia: Translokal – Academic Entrepreneurship for Policy Making. ISBN: 978-84-946385-1-0.


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