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Thus, his main topic is the #CityRegion

Comparative Research Project

Comparative Research Project (2012-2015): ‘Benchmarking Future City-Regions: The Basque Country, Catalonia, Scotland, Iceland, Liverpool/Manchester, Oresund, Dublin & Portland’ []

The research project's website that I have been carrying out since 2012 as a PostDoctoral Research Fellow in the Future of Cities field, with the support of Ikerbasque, Basque Foundation for Science (in collaboration with academic/scientific agents and institutions) and the University of Oxford (UK), Future of Cities Programme, COMPAS and InSIS, has been renowned after different previous versions:

Journal Article
JUNE 2015

‘Benchmarking Future City-Regions beyond Nation-States’ published by the Journal RSRS Regional Studies Regional Science [Published]

This article addressing and summarising the four-year research project entitled 'Benchmarking Future City-Regions' will be published shortly. The article will be published in the OpenAccess (OA) Journal, RSRS Regional Studies Regional Science. The project has been funded by the Basque Foundation for Science, Ikerbasque and was awarded with the Early Career Grant by the RSA Regional Studies Association.

Journal Article

‘The Right to Decide in Democracy between Recentralisation and Independence: Scotland, Catalonia and the Basque Country’ article in Regions Quarterly Magazine of the RSA.

Here is the short article published in the RSA Regions Quarterly Magazine: Calzada, I. (2014), The Right to Decide in Democracy between Recentralisation and Independence: Scotland, Catalonia and the Basque Country. Regions Magazine Comment and Debate, pp. 4-5. Regions no 296 Winter 2014. (Forthcoming)


City-Regional Policies paper given in a Seminar at Orkestra – Basque Institute of Competitiveness on 26th May 2014 in St. Sebastián, Basque Country (Spain)

On 26th May, Dr Igor Calzada will be conducting a seminar and giving a paper entitled "City-Regional Policies" at the Basque Institute of Competitiveness, Orkestra- University of Deusto, as an outcome of his postdoctoral project. The seminar is part of the sharegune seminars at Orkestra, as follows: The City-Regional Policies sharegune seminar by Dr Calzada at the Basque Institute of Competitiveness, Orkestra- University of Deusto, addresses the city and regions strategic promotions and simply examines whether or not (and how) they consider any policies for this promotional purpose, which we called City-Regional Policies.

Conference paper
November 2013

PostCrisis Alternatives for the Museums > Towards a Networked-driven Museum Management Model – University of Navarra (Spain)

On 8th November 2013, I was kindly invited to give a conference at the Statutory Parliament of Navarra in an event organized by the University of Navarra (Spain). My presentation focused on the postcrisis era that we are facing, with a particular interest in the alternatives that Museums can implement towards a Networked-driven Museum Management Model. My particular vision is that the outstanding challenge from now is how to deal with process of dismantling the Welfare State changing the nature of the Museums as we have known them so far. Furthermore, my hypothesis looks into the real possibilities and crossroads with Social Innovation.

Colloquium paper
JULY 2013

Territories & Entrepreneurs Benchmarking > Säid Business School > University of Oxford (UK)

On the 23rd July, 2013, I presented the paper title "Territories & Entrepreneurs Benchmarking" in the Social Entrepreneurship 2013 Research Colloquium at the Skoll Centre in Oxford. Among other topics, I tried to introduce into the debate how relevant it is to consider territorial and geographical factors when we talk about Social Entrepreneurship.

Conference paper
JUNE 2013

UCL University College London (UK) > Multiplicity – The Next Generation of Urban Voices

On 21st June, 2013, I took part as a key note speaker giving a lecture about Territorial Benchmarking in the MULTIPLICITY, the next generation of urban voices. Urban applied experiences took part in this event, which was held in the University College London (UCL), Development Planning Unit, London (UK). Thanks to the organizers, Josie and Noelle.

Book chapter

Museums, PostCrisis & Benchmarking > (St. Sebastian, Basque Country – Spain)

I co-authored a book chapter published by the UOC, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. I presented the book chapter as a paper int the 8th Congress that was held at the University of the Basque Country and was titled "The Future of the Heritage and Museum Projects. Innovation in Crisis era" that was presented on 18th October 2012 with the following title: Towards the Networked-Museum Model?

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