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This post may be the most relevant post of this site, due to what is explained in the doctoral and postdoctoral research sequence. Furthermore, the whole PostDoctoral Research project “The Future of City-Regions – Comparative Territorial Benchmarking” can be found in the website


  • 2> Secondly, here are the BOOKS published by the Basque Government (in Spanish) and by Innobasque (in English and Basque)

  • 3> Thirdly, you can see the briefing or the executive summary of the PhD in a nutshell (in three languages, English, Basque and Spanish):

  • 4> Fourthly, here you have the way I have been accumulating sequentially case studies until I got 8 case studies. Nowadays, this field work research is carried out in within 8 case studies. As you can see, in my PhD I compared 3 cases, while in my PostDoctoral period in Oxford I summarize another 5 cases, as you can see in the picture below:


  • 5> Finally, the action research based methodology I carried out could be synthesized in some qualitative techniques that have been used in the empirical field work research:
  • Mapping
  • Ethnographic fieldwork
  • Comparative Territorial Benchmarking
  • Think Tank for Policy-makers
  • Conceptualisation and Deconstruction
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