Smart Cities academic publications’ compilation 2015-2017 in Open Access

Here is the list of publications produced by Dr Calzada from 2015 to 2017 on Smart Cities emphasizing aspects of the ongoing policy and research debate. Click on each image and the publication will be displayed in Open Access through Research Gate. Alongside there is the reference to cite it:

1/ Unplugging Smart Cities:

Calzada, I. & Cobo, C. (2015), Unplugging: Deconstructing the Smart City. Journal of Urban Technology 22(1): 23-43. DOI: 10.1080/10630732.2014.971535.

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2/ Multistakeholders in Smart Cities:

Calzada, I. (2016), (Un)Plugging Smart Cities with Urban Transformations: Towards Multistakeholder City-Regional Complex Urbanity? URBS, Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales Journal 6(2), 25-45. (ISSN: 2014-2714). Retrieved from:

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3/ Smart City Transformations:

This book is forthcoming and will be launched and available to order it by Amazon on 3rd May 2017.

Satyam, A. & Calzada, I. (2017), The Smart City Transformations. The Revolution of the 21st Century. Bloomsbury Academic and Professional Publishing. ISBN-10: 9386349043 & ISBN-13: 978-9386349040.


4/ Techno-Politics of Data and Smart Devolution within Smart Cities:

Calzada, I. (2017), The Techno-Politics of Data and Smart Devolution in City-Regions: Comparing Glasgow, Bristol, Barcelona, and Bilbao. Systems Journal 5(1): 18. Special Issue ‘Smart Cities and Regions as Systems of Innovation’.  (ISSN 2079-8954),DOI: 10.3390/systems5010018

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