Doctoral Research Fellowship & Award by the Spanish Prince > Premio Proyecto de Investigación Euskal Hiria / Ciudad Vasca

One month after departing to the USA, to start writing my dissertation in March 2008 I received some very important news: My doctoral research project about the Basque City-Region (Euskal Hiria / Ciudad-Región Vasca) had been awarded. On May 28th, I received the research award from the hands of the Spanish Prince and Princess, Felipe de Borbón and Letizia respectively. I also talked with and met personally the Science & Innovation Minister, Ms Cristina Garmendia.

The full title of my PhD dissertation was as follows:

The Basque City-Region from the Social Innovation and Creativity

Euskal Hiria / Ciudad Vasca: Desde la Innovación Social y la Creatividad (Mayo 2008. Madrid)

Principes Asturias, Cristina Garmendia Ministra Innovacion e Igor Calzada
Cristina Garmendia Ministra Innovacion e Igor Calzada
Dña. Cristina Garmendia, Ministra de Innovación y Ciencia (& Igor Calzada).

Here is the media summary or newspaper archive:
EiTB, Diario de Noticias de Gipuzkoa, Berria, Deia, Bizkaie, Radio Ayala,…

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