Director of the Creative Capital Summer School 2006 // Escuela de Verano Capital Creativo 2006

In July 2006, I directed a Summer School from Mondragon about the importance of how creativity should be understood as an engine to be apply to the crossroads of the social, cultural and economic development. The event was organized as the second edition of a trilogy in the Miramar Palace in St. Sebastian in collaboration with the Summer School’s Office of the University of the Basque Country.

Within three days, discussions highlighted: socioeconomics of creativity, the impact of postindustrial and networked upcoming society, the changes in the labor market, the role of the creative industries related to other sectors, the hybridization processes taking place in different international territories, the new business experiences and changing nature of other places and finally, institutional on-going initiatives.

In addition to local policy-makers, practitioners and managers, international speakers gave us their contribution.

Among other speakers:

Agust Einarsson (Iceland), Christer Lidzelius (Kaos Pilot, Denmark), Simon Evans (Creative Clusters, UK), Juan Diego (EiTB), Imanol Agote (DFG), Joxean Muñoz (TBK), Andoni Aduriz (Mugaritz) and Asier Perez (Funky Business).

Economía e Industrias Creativas

Creatividad y Trabajos del Futuro

Think Tank Creativo

Asier Perez (Funky Business), Andoni Aduriz (Mugaritz), Igor Calzada (Mondragon) & Iñaki Etxaniz (Angulas Aguinaga)

Comunidades y Territorios Creativos

Imanol Agote (DFG) & Joxean Muñoz (TBK)

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