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I was told by the Academic Coordinator of the University of Mondragon to prepare a draft for a subject that would be titled “Basque Culture” for Erasmus International Students. Here are the results of some notes for the Lecture and Pedagogical Open Roadmap.

Zer faltan/Zer soberan?

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I wrote a Thematic Road-map for Erasmus students at the University of Mondragon, Business Faculty:

1.  AIMS:

This optional subject is a perfect way for those Erasmus students that enrol at the University of Mondragon to get in-depth into the Basque Country, meeting  its contemporary culture, life and people in a practical way. The first aim is to provide practical information and not to deliver boring theoretical lessons. Due to this, the subject is going to be organized in thematic Workshops. The main idea is that Erasmus students could immediately meet the cultural atmosphere, events and the cultural life in the Basque Country. Have you heard something about the Basques and its uniqueness?

Did you know Negu Gorriak, Ruper Ordorika or Delorean? Guggenheim & Athletic de Bilbao? Loreak Mendian or Skunk Funk? Gastronomy & Pintxos? Mythology? Bertsolaritza? Aresti? Oteiza? Basque Pelota? Do you want to learn any words or useful expressions in the Basque Language?

Let’s come and experience the Basque Culture subject, and also your culture is going to be listened to by us. We encourage you to be part of the Basque Country and Culture through participative and dynamic Workshops in class. Participation and facilitation via technology and social networks will enable the dynamism in class too.

Come and merge with the Basque Culture! You are more than welcome 🙂


  1. To know the current situation of Basque Culture with examples.
  2. To contextualize the update Basque Culture in the global and European Union scope.
  3. To discuss what students think about that.
  4. To see real projects related to the Basque Culture and its external projection.
  5. To enrich the knowledge of the students about what is real in the Basque Culture and how they can get more in depth knowledge.
  6. To show different thematic contents about Basque Culture in order to open new knowledge windows to the students.
  7. To link students experiences with the current Basque Society’s social, cultural, linguistic and entrepreneurial reality.
  8. To encourage the understanding of how relevant it is to know the Basque Culture in order to live, enjoy, feel, study and work in the Basque Country.
  9. To foster students to reflect on local and global business/social projects by taking into account the current and real Basque Culture.


  • 0.- Traditions: From Oñati (or Bilbao) to the rest of the Basque Country & World. Ethnographic perspective: From Barandiaran to the Alarde. Which is the real value of traditions?
  • 1.- Mythology: Basque magic tradition. From Akelarre to Gernika.
  • 2.- Music: From the Basque Radical Rock Movement and Negu Gorriak to nowadays Delorean, Ken7 & others.
  • 3.- Literature: From Bernardo Atxaga to the new Basque writers and the young generation.
  • 4.- Basque songwriting & oral tradition: Mikel Laboa, Ruper Ordorika and Bertsolaritza.
  • 5.- Fashion: Loreak Mendian, Skunk Funk and Basque clothing are global brands worldwide.
  • 6.- Film: International Film Festival and its influence on the global culture. St. Sebastian Festival.
  • 7.- Gastronomy: From pintxos to the High-Gastronomy. Old & New Generation: Arzak and Aduriz. Basque Culinary Center.
  • 8.- Art & Graffitti: Basque Country history on the walls and streets. From Oteiza to young global Basque artists. Guggenheim as a local and global phenomenon. Basques in the world.
  • 9.- Rural sports: Pelota & others.
  • 10.- Urban sports: Skating, Biking & others.

Sources: Dr. Joseba Zulaika, Ph.D., Dr. William Douglass, Ph.D., Paddy Woodworth, Mark Kurlansky & others.
Conducted by: Dr. Igor Calzada, Ph.D.
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