Cross Border City-Regions Beyond Nation-States: Basque & Oresund Comparative Cases paper given at the RSA Conference in Izmir (Turkey) on 17th June 2014

As a summary of the on-going comparative case studies between the Basque Country City-Region and the Oresund City-Region, myself and Fredrik Björk will disseminate it in an accepted paper for the RSA Regional Studies Association European Conference 2014 titled Cross Border City-Regions Beyond Nation-States: Basque & Oresund Comparative Cases that will be presented on 17th June in Izmir (Turkey).

During August 2013, myself and Fredrik Björk carried out a very intense and deep data gathering field work research in both Malmö (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark). We interviewed more than 50 people and organized research circles or group dynamics to discuss the Basque & Oresund Connection as the part of the “Benchmarking Future City-Regions”. That was another field work trip about ” Basque & Oresund Connection “ in Malmö, Sweden. Here is the sequence from the journey following the chronologically arranged methodological research field work steps:

  1. May 2013: ” Social Innovation Methodological Workshop: #Basque & #Oresund #Connection “ in SanTelmoMuseo, Donostia-San Sebastián.
  2. February 2013: #Fieldwork in Malmö (SE) & Copehangen (DK). #Oresund Region.
  3. November 2012: @Euskal_Hiria / Basque City-Region 2012 Congress (Basque Government), Bilbao- Euskalduna.
  4. Auguts 2011: Lecture at the University of Malmö (SE) about “Social Innovation? Same Question, Different Locations.”
  5. August 2011: Lecture about “Territory&Urban Innovation&Transformation” in Gothenburg (SE).
  6. January 2011: Langile Ikastola (Hernani) Workshop with primary school students/teachers about “Youth&Cities: The case of Copenhagen (CPH)(DK)”
  7. March 2010: Lecture Masterclass & Workshop at the Kaos Pilot Social Innovation School in Aarhus (DK) about “Exploring Cities & Urban Innovation”.

Keep on going with the plan…

Good #research meetings.
16th August in #Copenhagen #CPH. Tack to participants: P, L, J, T and J. Lovely place & much greater people. Keep in touch & updated.
fieldwork research group meeting cph 16th aug 2013
19th August in #Malmö: Tack A, E and A.
19th August in Malmö: Tack P-A, M, L and S.
19th August in Malmö: Tack F and P.
pontus tallberg fredrik rakar
20th August in Malmö: Tack N, E, I, U and A.
22nd August in Lund University: Tack, J, A, M and J.
23rd August in Malmö University: Tack Q, M, D, Y, J and J.
23rd August in Malmö University: N & F.
26th-29th August: #ASCI13
Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation
, Malmö, funded by Malmö University, Sweden Social Innovation Forum, Aalto University, Skane region, The New Club of Paris and Ungas.

Taking part in the Camp into the Challenge Group:
Commitment, Continuity and Citizen Confidence in Urban Development for the City of Malmö led by the coordinator of “Omradesprogram Lindangen”, Ms F.Winders.

group lindengan

I worked trying to get a complementary solution that I consider could be summarized as:
“From Empowerment to Ownership” via an Action Plan with Stakeholders, Social Networks and Teamworking intense process.
Here the work-in-progress summarize after been presented/remixed with the group.


The day before we spent all the afternoon carrying out #Micro #Urban #Neighbourhood #Community #Observation and #Exploration #fieldwork #research, interviewing three local witnesses with a good local tacit knowledge about their district and community in the outskirt of #Malmö: Lindängen.

tico said irak
29th August: 8am #Copenhagen #CPH #Osterbro. Tak J.
lars josephsen interview
29th August 12noon #Copenhagen #CPH #Tivoli. Tak S.
shamahak riezaie interview
29th August 2pm #Lund #University. Tack G & S.
29th August 5pm #Malmö #Lindëngan. Tack/Thanks F.
#Fieldwork #making-off process:

While carrying out great #fieldwork, at the Macro:

macro map oresund

and Micro Scales:

micro oresund map
Reflecting about Translocalities. Ordering ideas & sinthetizing realities.
translocal geographies

Closing the #Fielwork this time in #Oresund #Malmö:
Tack sa mycket/Tak/Thanks all of the people that have contributed with their opinion, perception, critic, values/beliefs and time.
We will keep you updated/in touch.
6am. 31st August 2013, Malmö, Oresund (Sweden).
One update very interesting publication by the OECD:

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