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In 2007 I was invited by the University of Simon Bolivar to participate in and give lectures, to conduct different Workshops and to give strategic advice on economic development and social cohesion projects. These projects had an important content related to Community Development. Specifically, project themes were focused on Public Transport, Neighbourhoods, Education, Health, Environmental issues,…Even aspects like Tourism were mentioned and anticipated as projects.

The aim of these different and sequential workshops was mainly to propose and structure a broad Portfolio of Social Innovation Projects for the Science and Technology National Plan in Venezuela.

I was very much surprised by the important resources I found around the Science and Technology Plan of the country. Especially by some projects in hospitals, neighbourhoods and schools that could be really successful in the short term, with a direct impact at the ultra local level and in the synergies of the communities.

I gave some lectures in the Prospective and Strategy Diploma at the University of Simon Bolivar, in Caracas (Venezuela).

Here is the Diploma programme where I was one of the invited lectures:

Karakas, ez da ez, txantxetan ibiltzeko hiri bat. Pedebesa-ko petroleo estazioen herrialdean, iraultza sozialistaren aldarrikapenean gizarte aztoramendu itzela gertatzen ari den isla da Karakas. Bi polo, bi egi, bi indar,…eta herri bat erdian.

Caracas, Venezuela.

4th Nov. 2007.

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