Mapping the Urban Innovation Ecosystem of San Francisco Bay Area at the University of Mondragon Unibertsitatea-LEINN Social Entrepreneurship Undergraduates team

Trying to connect LEINNers’ (LEINN students) projects with San Francisco Bay Area reality:

Fashion, education, culture, trends, filming, magazines, customization, sport, surfing, investments, business angels, music festivals and production, catering, graffiti and more.

Keep on Exploring and Stay tuned!


I could never understand SF Bay Area (during the day) without Chinatown in the way to the north listening Eddie Vedder.

I could never understand SF Bay Area (at night) without Folsom St. crossing Oakland bridge to the downtown listening Mark Eitzel.

Before going to San Francisco Bay Area, it is required visiting Burning Man.

& Get lost in the neighborhoods & local communities of “Frisco” (beat generation).

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