Think Space (Copenhagen-Denmark)

From August the 18th to the 20th in 2011, I attended a highly interesting conference that took place at Prags Boulevard 43 in Copenhagen. The conference addressed issues such as: City Development & Empty Buildings. It gave me a good chance to carry out field work research in Copenhagen as one part of the Oresund City-Region. Indeed, for me it was very inspiring to think in a concept that I have become used to thinking about a lot: Space and its difference with the Place.

Think Space

A conference about the use of the city’s empty buildings, urban planning and user involvement.

The conference will organise a yearly conference, Think Space, to celebrate new initiatives in empty buildings. Our aim is to focus on empty buildings and the organisation that goes with them, in order to give visibility to the resource within. Think Space targets all that work professionally, politically or grassroots based with the city.

Think Space will show, with theoretical perspectives and practical examples, how empty buildings can be used through user involvement and bottom-up processes. The conference will introduce, illustrate and further develop the ways in which empty buildings become an active part of a city’s development.

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