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I started researching the Oresund City-Region in 2010, with one study in Malmö and the other one in Copenhagen. Here is the second study, which I proceeded with the Ethnographic field work research for the Future of City-Regions <> Comparative Territorial Benchmarking.

Every time that I have carried out some field work research activities, I have shared the results of the field work by giving some seminars and lectures at the University of Malmö (Sweden):

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From Malmö, Oresund, Sweden.

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Both lecturing sessions are going to Bambused:

This lecturing is going to summarize the main conclusions of the City-Region / Euskal Hiria Congress 2012 that was held in Bilbao, Spain, in November 2012, with the participation of the academic Fredrik Björk and the practitioner Ulf Kyrling coming from Oresund to talk about CityRegions.

Dr. Calzada will present the main challenges from the Social Innovation approach (Moulaert & Mulgan)  in the postcrisis era for any territory. He is carrying out his research as the continuation of his book (you can download it under CreativeCommons3.0 license at the Future of Cities Programme of the University of Oxford (UK) as a PostDoctoral Research Fellow. He also holds the Ikerbasque, Basque Foundation for Science Fellow position.

At this lecture, he will focus his presentation on the CityRegion concept and its real challenges nowadays.

His interest to coming to Malmö quite often (he was in 2011) is due to the open collaboration with the University of Malmö in order to work in the Comparative Territorial Benchmarking project comparing Basque Country and Oresund as City-Regions.

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University of Malmö event

The Social Innovation notion is quite popular right now. And even more Social Innovation always comes together with Social Entrepreneurship. We are going to ask what is Social Innovation and then we will try to link this with Social Entrepreneurship.

This lecture is going to be based on the recent chapter about “the Mondragon case” of Dr. Calzada in the International Handbook of Social Innovation by Edward Elgar coordinated by Frank Moulaert.

Mondragon case has been really researched in the last two decades as one of the well-known cooperative worldwide experience in the Basque Country, Spain. However, the globalization and the Postcrisis era are changing the dynamics and nature of the Mondragon reality.

Dr. Calzada will highlight 3 key factors from the Social Innovation:

(1) University & Coops interactions in the construction of Communitarian Social Capital: Link between Entrepeneurs & Companies (Bees&Trees Alliances)

Case1: LEINN.

(2) Territory as a source of PostGrowth/PostCrisis Innovation.

Case2: Orona IDEO Innovation City.

(3) Local&Global Communities: GloKal Communities.

Case3: Kunshan (China).

Recently The Guardian has citated his chapter in a broder article about an event that took place in Hub Islington in London:

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