Keynote Conference in Smart Travel 2016 (Bragança, Portugal) 2nd December 2016

Dr Calzada delivered on 2nd December the keynote conference in the Smart Travel 2016 event in Bragança, Portugal. The title of the keynote was ‘Translocal Strategies: Connecting (Talented) Citizens in Remote (Smart) Regions’. He aimed to focus on the special circumstances of remote regiones far from the centre by encouraging new translocal strategies based on connecting local/mobile talent in a new term called translocalism. Notion that is connected with the smartness in territories these days. He suggested that tourism and traveling should be rethought according to new patterns of mobility, technology and work/leisure such as millenials, knowmads, highly mobile professionals and so on. He also underlined the changing pattern of on-going disruptive socio-political processes that will have negative consequences by imposing borders and walls between cities and territories: Brexit, Trump, … New strategies are needed for rurban regions such as Bragança by embracing challenges of connecting territories. The conclusion: Small could be Beautiful…as long as is smartly well connected.

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