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Jane Jacobs was the activist that arrived in recent days to show us how to take into account local neighborhoods. When the global market has corrupted our superstructure, local communities, civil society and localism as a whole have emerged as a miracle and a hype that will lead us in the right direction for our lives and our broken system. There are opinions and clever analyses, such as Ulrich Beck and Daniel Innerarity’s one, suggesting that we require a global order to re-establish our local life too. Besides this, a new term arises, GloKalization.

At night, at the time I go to bed I remember my grandmother. She grew up in the countryside, being the only girl working on the farm with the rest of her brothers. When she brought her family to the city, my grandmother put into practice many rural behaviors, such as urban gardening, feeding rabbits, and so on. My grandfather was a carpenter. They lived in the city the same way you can live in the countryside, with the benefits that this includes. After all, Jane Jacobs and my granmother, Felixa Aizpuru lived in their own time, and similarly, even though cultural and linguistic barriers exist, their lives occur on the same wavelength.

My grandmother and Jane Jacobs were certainly sure in the origin of the Basque City-Regional urban and rural merging process. The practiced the way in which a community is the center of the civic society. I think that even if we can listen everyday by talking about Social Innovation, it is still very seldom the representativeness of the experimental local entrepreneurial effort who transform our society’s consumption dynamics. We may merge my grandmother and Jacob’s soul and praxis in a new paradigm we can call AuzoLab.


Frente a la investigación cuantitativa y positivista, la prospectiva cualitativa.

La inteligencia y la libertad subjetivas necesitan constituirse, especialmente hoy, como centro de indeterminación e imprevisibilidad.

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