HamaikaTB Basque TV Special Edition on the Right to Decide in Scotland & the Basque Country alongside United Kingdom General Elections 2015

Dr Calzada tends to collaborate with media regularly (EiTB Basque public radio and TV & Euskalerria Irratia radio station). Regarding the United Kingdom General Elections 2015 and considering that it is a relevant event for the United Kingdom as a whole but specially for the future of Scotland into the union, Onda Vasca radio station and HamaikaTB TV channel, covered this event. Particularly, HamaikaTB held a Special Edition event in collaboration with ‘Gure Esku Dago’ (the translation from Basque is ‘In Our Hands), the dynamic and active social movement in favour of the right to decide, in organising a referendum or consultation in the Basque Country in the future as the one occurred in Scotland on 18th September 2014 and 9th November in Catalonia.

Here there is the Special Edition by HamaikaTB TV channel conducted by the journalist Irati Sarasua. The roundtable was participated by Ainhoa Mendibil (Communication & PR Head of GureEskuDago), Ander Txintxurreta (EiTB Journalist & ‘Gure Esku Dago’ local activist in Hernani village), Samara Velte (Berria paper Journalist) and Dr Igor Calzada.

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