‘Global Sustainable City-Regions’ (Policy Report 2nd Edition 2016/17) as the direct outcome of the MSc Master Lectureship in Global Sustainable Cities at the Institute for Future Cities, University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.


This policy report about the 2nd Edition 2016-2017 of the MSC in Global Sustainable Cities, entitled ‘Global Sustainable City-Regions,’ covers the work developed jointly by the lecturer, Dr Igor Calzada, MBA, as the editor of the publication and students/participants of the second edition of the MSc from September to December 2016 at the Institute for Future Cities in the Business Faculty at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (Scotland – UK).

Specifically, this policy report follows a two-sequential-module structure:

• The first module, entitled ‘Global Cities: Sustainability and Society,’ consists of six methodological units.
• Thereafter, the second module, entitled ‘Public Policy, Governance and Strategic Change in Cities,’ consists of five methodological units.

The policy report focuses on three urban global issues in a comparative basis. The MSc was developed in a team-based dynamic by applying qualitative action research methodologies to understand and interpret each case and to benchmark and contrast with other cases that addressed the same global urban issue.

The cases were selected jointly by the lecturer and the students/participants in a dynamic process in order to achieve a suitable selection of cases that would allow them to:

• arrange groups around one specific global urban issue,
• compare cases around the same specific urban issue, and
• produce a full case study by applying the two-sequential-module methodology.

As a result, the following three global urban issues and seven Global Sustainable City-Region case studies were selected. Each student/participant worked on each of them, as follows:

Transformative Smart Cities:

  • Stockholm (Melissa Candel)
  • Kolkata (Dalia Hui)
  • Masdar (Omar Islam)
  • Bengaluru (Seema Issar)
  • Seoul (Nattharucha Piamsawat)

Changing Social Innovation:

  • Berlin (Laura Fritsche)
  • Belfast (Laetitia Lucy)
  • Malawi (Akuzike Florence Kamwanja)
  • Hong Kong (Rebecca Seraphine Mueller)
  • Helsinki (Venla Riekkinen)
  • Glasgow (Rhona Morven Sampson)


The policy report will be available at: www.translokal.com/publishing
More information: igor.calzada@compas.ox.ac.uk


Calzada, I. (Ed) [Candel, M., Fritsche, L., Hui, D., Islam, O., Issar, S., Kamwanja, A., Lucy, L., Mueller, R., Piamsawat, N., Riekkinen, V. & Sampson, R.] (2017), Global Sustainable City-Regions: Stockholm, Berlin, Kolkata, Abu Dhabi/Masdar, Bengaluru, Malawi, Belfast, Hong Kong, Seoul, Helsinki and Scotland, Translokal – Academic Entrepreneurship for Policy Making – Publishing, Donostia in collaboration with City Protocol Society & Institute for Future Cities, University of Strathclyde.  [Forthcoming]

Here is the 1s Edition 2015-2016 with the following cases:



Calzada I. (Ed) [MacDonald, K., Qiu, N., Dynes, C., Murray, G., Watson-Puskas, N., McAdam, G., & Barrett, F.] (2016), Global Sustainable City-Regions: Mumbai, Shenzhen, Reykjavik, Portland, Budapest, Glasgow and Rotterdam, Translokal – Academic Entrepreneurship for Policy Making – Publishing, Donostia in collaboration with City Protocol Society & Institute for Future Cities, University of Strathclyde. ISBN (e-book): 978-84-942752-7-2. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3053.1609.

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