Dublin (Ireland) > Connected & Creative City-Region

Since 2000, I was always attracted by Dublin as a city but also as the capital city of Ireland (a country that I have been visited on a large number of occasions). Due to this, I also integrated it in my PhD research agenda, carrying out field work research identifying urban features related to how Dublin was increasingly becoming a Connected and Creative City-Region.

I am really pleased to find a good video and images about the city and my research about it in my Ph.D. dissertation and publication that will be coming soon. I am referring to Dublin. I was and am interested in the Dublin as a City-Region. I called and looked into the features that make it closer to a  Connected and Creative City-Region. While we know that the crisis and the economical structure of the country has created a big shock, I could think that the Connectivity and Creativity of the sociocultural factors were well built. As always the problem is finding out which is the economical and productive model of the country, and with Ireland and other countries (Spain included of course), the City-Regions are the source of knowledge and learning for us.

This is why I proposed in my PhD focusing in the local-regional level in my PhD, in our case, talking about the “Basque City” as the “Basque City-Region”.

Enjoy the video about Dublin (City-Region). To be honest, it is the city that I have been observing from 2002-2011, including all of its marvelous evolution and also its missing points and failures.

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