Kaos PIlot Social Innovation & Business Design Thinking School (Aarhus, Denmark)

In March 2010, I traveled to Denmark (DK) to lecture, collaborate and facilitate the workshop “Exploring a
City: Urban Innovation & 2.0 Technologies”
with the awesome Kaos Pilot 15th Team, just a week

before departing to Shangai (China).

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Good luck explorers’! We will keep in touch. See you soon to share again impressions & feelings. //

igor-calzadaby ingaausa

3 Quacks for Igor, sorry…Igor Calzada gave us a lecture on City Mapping and entertained with his Basque (Spain) mindset. His love of Portland and decalogues on almost every subject is most appreciated. Thank you for your compassion on european mindsets and for the important and interesting view points you have presented.


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