Center for Basque Studies & Reno Half Marathon in 2008

The first thing I did when I arrived at Reno, Nevada (USA) was run the Rock’n’River Half Marathon (21 km./13 miles). 

Then the PhD dissertation had to begin with the longest scientific road trip along West USA (Nevada, Arizona, California, Portland, Washington, Utah and Idaho) that I had ever made. On this journey, I came across the great Portland (Oregon) and surprisingly my PhD focused on this fabulous city. Needless to say, San Francisco was such an amazing experience too.

(In the picture: Juan Arana, Mariann Váczi, myself and Joseba Zulaika).

Thanks for the people at Center for Basque Studies CBS at the University of Nevada, Reno. Eskerrik asko lagundu zidaten bertakoei. Esker berezia, Jexux Arriagari, euskal artzai-ohiari.

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