‘7th Annual Smart Energy UK & EU Summit’ in London: Speaker & Moderator (29th Jan. 2016)

On 29th January 2016, Dr Igor Calzada, chaired the panel Smart City, Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected home in the 7th Annual Smart Energy 2016 UK & EU Conference.

These are some of the key points the panel discussed:


  • European Smart Cities – recent key developments.
  • Evolution of the IoT.
  • The connected home – data flow & analysis and implications for utilities.
  • Business models tailoring pricing and prosumer behaviour factors.
  • Data sharing policy for the industry.
  • Kind of collaboration between the triple helix in the energy sector: Business, local authorities and citizens.
  • Value chain of the energy sector from the business perspective.
  • Diversification of the business model: utilities, security and entertainment.
  • Temporary terms: Smart City and IoT.

After this panel, he gave a talk on ‘Comparing EU Cities on Smart City-Regional Governance Strategies’. This conference is a policy dissemination outcome of the ongoing research project entitled ‘The Metropolitan Bilbao Smart City-Regional Strategy: Benchmarking Glasgow, Bristol and Barcelona’ kindly funded by bizkaia:talent (a non-profit organisation supported by the Department for Economic Development of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia) under the European Commission Marie Curie CoFund Regional Programme scheme. The project is being developed in collaboration of Bilbao Metropoli-30, the strategic association to implement the strategic plan for the revitalisation of the Metropolitan Bilbao.

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