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Journal Article

‘Demos-Ethos: A framework to study the Icelandic & Basque cases through Critical Social Innovation and Applied Ethics’ in Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research after intensive fieldwork 2013-2015

During the week of 22nd to 29th September 2013, I spent the field work trip collecting data in Reykjavik (Iceland) for my postdoctoral project 'Benchmarking Future City-Regions'. Almost, a year and four months later, here is my scientific ethnographic chronicle that has been published in Open Democracy and entitled as follows: 'Connecting the Basque and Icelandic Cases: An Ethnographic Chronicle about Democratic Regeneration'. As a final outcome of my research in the Icelandic case study, here is the journal article published on October 2015 in the Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research entitled 'Demos-Ethos: a framework to study the Icelandic and Basque cases through Critical Social Innovation and Applied Ethics'.

Conference Paper
October 2013

PostDoctoral project presentation > FlexibleCity International Symposium > Future Of Cities Programme > University of Oxford (UK)

The Oxford Future of Cities Programme organized the Flexible City International Symposium from 23rd to 25th October. I took part presenting a paper with my work-in-progress PostDoctoral Research project about The Future of City-Regions <> Comparative Territorial Benchmarking/Connections, specifically presenting the Basque & Oresund Connection case-study.

Conference paper
November 2013

PostCrisis Alternatives for the Museums > Towards a Networked-driven Museum Management Model – University of Navarra (Spain)

On 8th November 2013, I was kindly invited to give a conference at the Statutory Parliament of Navarra in an event organized by the University of Navarra (Spain). My presentation focused on the postcrisis era that we are facing, with a particular interest in the alternatives that Museums can implement towards a Networked-driven Museum Management Model. My particular vision is that the outstanding challenge from now is how to deal with process of dismantling the Welfare State changing the nature of the Museums as we have known them so far. Furthermore, my hypothesis looks into the real possibilities and crossroads with Social Innovation.

Media Report

Will Social Innovation Save Spain ? > Hub Islington – London

As a consequence, to be invited to take part in the roundtable titled "Will Social Innovation Save Spain?" that took place in the Hub of Islington (London) on 12th November 2012, the participants were mentioned in the article published in the The Guardian on the 3rd January 2013.

Seminar paper
MAY 2012

Towards Future of City-Regions? University of Oxford (UK)

On 23rd May, 2012, I delivered a seminar at the Potluck Seminar series for the Future of Cities Programme which I am member of. The session was attended by Steve Rayner, Idalina Baptista and Ebru Soytemel, among other participants.

Media Dissemination of the Basque City-Region/Euskal Hiria book

After presenting the book at the Kursaal Palace in St. Sebastian on 3rd November 2011, there was a sequence of dissemination activities to introduce the book publicly. To sum up, it was presented in November in: El Correo Español, Innobasque, Eutokia, Bizkaie, IdeaLab and Pintxos & Blogs.


Download Euskal Hiria/Basque City-Region Book > presented in the Kursaal Palace – Donostia-St.Sebastian (Spain)

After 6 years of working beween 2005-2011, interviewing and doing some international (mainly USA (Portland, Oregon) & Ireland, but also Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Germany) participative observation field work research about Cities & Territories, Igor Calzada Ph.D. presented the BOOK that was published in a full version in Spanish by the Basque Government-Presidency-External Relations General Secretariat on the 3rd November at 7pm in the Kursaal Congress Hall in St. Sebastian.

PhD dissertation
MARCH 2008 <> FEBRUARY 2011

PhD Dissertation & Defense Tribunal on 11th Feb 2011 > “Cum Laude”

Dr. Igor Calzada, Ph.D., Lecturer & Researcher at the University of Mondragon and Associate Researcher at the Center for Basque Studies-University of Nevada, Reno (CBS-UNR) read yesterday his dissertation Thesis in Oñati titled "Towards the Basque City? Approached from the Social Innovation Perspective". He got the “Summa CUM LAUDE” qualification with the full agreement from the all members of the Academic Tribunal.

PhD dissertation
MARCH 2008 <> FEBRUARY 2011

PreDoctoral Research Fellowship & Award by the Spanish Princess > Premio Proyecto de Investigación Euskal Hiria / Ciudad Vasca

One month after departing to the USA, to start writing my dissertation in March 2008 I received some very important news: My Doctoral research project about the Basque City-Region (Euskal Hiria / Ciudad-Región Vasca) had been awarded. On May 28th, I received the research award from the hands of the Spanish Princess, Felipe de Borbón and Letizia. I also talked with and met personally the Science & Innovation Minister, Ms Cristina Garmendia.

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