‘Will COVIDー19 be the end of theGlobal Citizen?’ article published in Apolitical

Dr Calzada has published this article in Apolitical:

Abstract: Over the last decades, globalisation has led to a new class of global citizens. While the access to this global citizenship is still not spread evenly, many have enjoyed the freedom to move, work, and travel with no limits. However, this cosmopolitan globalisation rhetoric of a borderless world has been drastically slowed down by Covid-19. This pandemic has introduced a new level of uncertainty in global affairs and led many to question whether citizens will be able to continue enjoying the freedom of movement once the crisis is over.

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Calzada, I. (2020), Will Covid-19 be the end of the global citizen? Apolitical.DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.11942.27208/1.

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