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His work is concerned with the crossroads of 4 research fields > #Territories #SocialInnovation #Strategy & #Governance
Thus, his main topic is the #CityRegion

Journal Article

‘Demos-Ethos: A framework to study the Icelandic & Basque cases through Critical Social Innovation and Applied Ethics’ in Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research after intensive fieldwork 2013-2015

During the week of 22nd to 29th September 2013, I spent the field work trip collecting data in Reykjavik (Iceland) for my postdoctoral project 'Benchmarking Future City-Regions'. Almost, a year and four months later, here is my scientific ethnographic chronicle that has been published in Open Democracy and entitled as follows: 'Connecting the Basque and Icelandic Cases: An Ethnographic Chronicle about Democratic Regeneration'. As a final outcome of my research in the Icelandic case study, here is the journal article published on October 2015 in the Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research entitled 'Demos-Ethos: a framework to study the Icelandic and Basque cases through Critical Social Innovation and Applied Ethics'.

JUNE 2015

TEDx Montevideo (Uruguay) 2015 Guest Speaker: Bitakora & Fieldwork 12-21 June.

Kindly invited by TEDx Montevideo, Dr Igor Calzada was a guest speaker in the 2015 edition on 15 June. Here is the presentation. The video will be forthcoming soon. Here too the brief visual ethnography and bitakora from the fieldwork carried out by 15th June while TEDxMontevideo edition and after this, in Montevideo.

Book chapter

Museums, PostCrisis & Benchmarking > (St. Sebastian, Basque Country – Spain)

I co-authored a book chapter published by the UOC, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. I presented the book chapter as a paper int the 8th Congress that was held at the University of the Basque Country and was titled "The Future of the Heritage and Museum Projects. Innovation in Crisis era" that was presented on 18th October 2012 with the following title: Towards the Networked-Museum Model?

Summer School
MARCH 2006 <> MARCH 2007

Director of the Creative Capital Summer School 2006 // Escuela de Verano Capital Creativo 2006

Within three days, discussions highlighted: socioeconomics of creativity, the impact of postindustrial and networked upcoming society, the changes in the labor market, the role of the creative industries related to other sectors, the hybridization processes taking place in different international territories, the new business experiences and changing nature of other places and finally, institutional on-going initiatives.

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